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A New Revenue Source For Media Owners

Love Savings Group Partners Solution s a PubTech platform for Commerce Content operating digital assets with the world’s leading publishers, helping them to monetize by delivering products, recommendations, deals and discounts to consumers.

In all territories, the ecommerce market is continuously Growing and through the use of our LoveCoupons offers platform, you showcase thousands of coupons, offers and deals from retailers allowing you to commercialize your users through a value-add solution!


The proven monetization model you are not taking advantage of yet



Leverage Your Traffic

Reduce Leakage

Increase your SEO visibility

Improved ROI

Capitalise on Seasonal Shopping Events

New Revenue Stream



No financial investment required

No Technical Dependency (no technical requirement)

Free Access to 1,000’s Leading Brands

Offer Verification

Reporting Suite




If you want to open up new revenue streams to your audience through our offers platform – Let’s Talk